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Derringer on Tour 1978.

Derringer, August 1978 Chicago, Ill. Soldier Field

Rick Derringer: Guitar & Vocals

Danny Johnson: Guitar & Vocals

Kenny Aaronson: Bass

Vinny Appice: Drums




Talk about a spectacular guitar show. Rick Derringer and Danny Johnson know how to play guitar together. They jammed non-stop to Sittin' by the Pool, Rock N' Roll Hoochie Koo, Let Me In, and many others. The highlight of the show was the Guitar Duel between Rick and Danny to the song Beyond the Universe. This is what good Rock n' Roll is all about. Excellent guitar playing. Hats off to the days when guitar players knew how to play guitar.


Rick Derringer hanging out backstage.


Kenny Aaronson & Phil Moog.


Rick Derringer backstage.


Rick Derringer and Danny Johnson.


Rick Derringer getting ready to take the stage.


Rick Derringer on stage.


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