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"The Ultra Zone"




These images are from a Steve Vai appearance at Crow's Nest Records in Chicago on Friday, September 10, 1999.

He was promoting his new album "The Ultra Zone"



September 10, 1999

Steve was on a mini promotion tour. Promoting his new CD "The Ultra Zone". It was a cool experience. Seeing him play in such an intimate environment. I had seen him on tour four times previous to this, but this was really cool. He came out playing along with a D.A.T. tape. He performed 3 songs, Jibboom and The Ultra Zone off of his new CD, and For The Love of God off Passion and Warfare, which was really cool.

He then raffled off the gear he jammed with, which included a Jem Guitar, a Carvin Legacy Amp, a Morley pedal and a pair of sunglasses. Afterwards he signed autographs. I purchased 2 CD's to get signed for my kids, but the line was moving slow and I couldn't stay because my wife and I had get home, before our kid got out of school. Such is life, when you have young ones at home. Oh well next time. Looking forward to seeing him on tour.

By the way The Ultra Zone CD is really great. So if you're looking for a good guitar album, GET IT.



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